Makari 24K Gold Lightening Soap with Omega 3

Makari 24K Gold Lightening Soap with Omega 3 and Probiotics - Effective for Dead Skin, Rejuvenating and Lightening About the Product Anti-aging: Rejuvenates the skin, open up the pores and prevent skin sogginess. Health benefits: Protect skin from toxic buildups due to sun exposure, promotes skin elasticity, prevent skin breakage. Treatment: Fights skin dryness with natural Omega Oil, and promotes deep healing. Protects the skin from bacteria which leads to an overall healthy skin. Unlike other skin ingredients. Gold particles penetrates the skin deeply working with skin cells in the inside and gives you a flawless skin on the outside. The gold particles helps you look younger than your age, removing wrinkles and at the same times clears and polish your skin. This is the secret of many celebrities and Makari has you covered. New From Makari - Luxurious, gold-infused skin care to deeply restore and lighten skin. Makari uses the highest quality, premium ingredients and cutting edge science to create the best skin lightening products in the world Infused with omega 3 and probiotics Makari 24 k Gold Soap is effective for dead skin cells and rejuvenation leaving the skin smooth Cutting Edge Ingredients Gold penetrates the skin deeply, creating cellular benefits and beautiful skin Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids are highly concentrated natural moisturizers and essential nutrients for the skin and body New science emphasizes the importance of healthy and balanced skin bacteria. The probiotics found in this formula promote a healthy, protected skin environment Promotes formation of healthy, new epidermal cells with low pigment content 5 oz (150 g) Bar Makari products are made from all natural plant extracts from the earth, contain properties from the sea. The Makari line has no bleach, no chemicals and no hydroquinone, which is known to be harmful to the skin. Daily lather body and face, while avoiding eye contact and then rinse. For best results use with Makari 24K Gold Lotion, Cream and Serum in your daily skin care regimen.
makari 24k soap