Dax Black Bees Wax

Imperial DAX Black Bees-Wax is fortified with royal jelly and pure beeswax to provide a firm hold and dark healthy looking shine to black color hair. Its color lets it blend in un-noticeably into your hair as it shines, moisturizes, holds, and protects your hair. Created as a ethnic dressing for black hair, it works equally well for creating Mohawks, pompadours, and other retro and other extreme styles. Like the DAX original beeswax dressing, the DAX Black Bees-Wax maximizes hold and dark color making it perfect for locking in any demanding ethnic hair style, like braids, dreadlocks, and coils. Works well with most hot tools for curling and pressing hair. 7.5oz plastic jar. Made in the U.S.A. Note: It is labeled as black but is actually a near black in color. Features Firm wax hold locks in any elaborate or traditional style Clack color lets it blend in un-noticeably Gives a dark healthy shine to black hair Works well with most hot tools An ethnic hair dressing that works equally well of anyones black hair
dax Black Bees Wax